Officers of the Association



 Honorary President:
 Hadassa Ben-Itto, Judge (Ret.) (Israel)
 Life time Member:
 Irwin Cotler, Prof. (Canada)
Honorary Vice Presidents:
Joseph Roubache (France)
Oreste Bisazza Terracini, Dr. (Italy)
Executive Committee:
Irit Kohn (Israel)
Deputy President:
Haim Klugman (Israel)
Vice President and Treasurer:
Avraham (Avi) D. Doron (Israel)
Vice President and Secretary General:
Mirella M. Bamberger (Israel)
Vice Presidents:
Alyza D. Lewin (USA)
Marcos Arnoldo Grabivker, Judge (Argentina)
Maurizio Ruben (Italy)
Representatives to the U.N. in Geneva:  
Tom Gal (Switzerland)
Calev Myers (Israel)
Gavriel Mairone (USA)
Representatives to the U.N. in New York:
Regina Tapoohi (USA)
Calev Myers (Israel)
Elad Popovich (Israel/USA)
Mark A. Speiser

Representative to the European Parliament
Pascal Markowicz
Board Of Governors:
Irit Kohn (Israel)
Haim Klugman (Israel)
Avraham (Avi) D. Doron (Israel)
Meir Rosenne, Dr. (Israel)
Mirella M. Bamberger (Israel)
Alyza D. Lewin (USA)
Marcos Arnoldo Grabivker, Judge (Argentina)
Maurizio Ruben (Italy)  
Amos Shapira, Prof. (Israel)
Baruch Katzman (Israel)
Calev Myers (Israel)
Daniel Benko (Croatia)
David Benjamin (Israel)
David Pardes (Belgium)
Dov Shefi, Brig. (Ret.) (Israel)
Edna Kaplan-Hagler, Judge (Ret.) Dr. (Israel)
Ethia Simha (Israel)
Gavriel Mairone (USA)
Jeremy D. Margolis (USA)
Jimena Bronfman (Chile)
Jonathan Lux (UK)
Lipa Meir, Dr. (Israel)
Maria Canals De-Cediel, Dr. (Switzerland)
Meir Linzen (Israel)
Michael H. Traison (USA)
Nathan Gelbart (Germany)
Noemi Gal-Or, Dr. (Canada)
Olaf S. Ossmann (Switzerland)
Pascal Markowicz (France)
Peggy Sharon (Israel)
Pesach Kanir (Israel)
Regina Tapoohi (USA)
Richard Horowitz (Israel)
Ruben Pescara (Italy)
Sarah B. Biser (USA)
Stephen C. Rothman, Judge (Australia)
Stephen R.Greenwald, Prof. (USA)
Suzanne Wolfe-Martin (Switzerland)
Vera Rottenberg-Liatowitsch, Justice (Switzerland)
Yaffa Zilbershats, Prof. (Israel)
Executive Director:
Ronit Gidron–Zemach (Israel)
* All members of the Executive Committee are members      of  the Board Of Governors





































 On December 9, 2015 the Israeli Supreme Court, sitting as the High Court of Justice, decided to reject the amicus brief that the Association joined, and held that the Torat Hamelech case should not be sent to Israel’s legal advisor in order for him to recommend to indict for incitement the rabbis who wrote this book. The Association is conducting an assessmentas to possible further legal action on this matter, for which we are adamant in pursuing.

The President of Israel, endorses a cooperation between the IAJLJ and Aman center (Arab Center for Safe Society)

Refugees - one problem, two mechanisms within the UN. see: 


 an urgent appeal to the Palestinian Bar Association - for granting an honorary title to a terrorist who was a Law student

 A letter from Irit Kohn concerning the situation in Israel