Officers of the Association



Honorary President:
Ben-Itto Hadassa, Judge (Ret.) (Israel)
Life time Member:
Cotler Irwin, Prof. (Canada)
Honorary Vice Presidents:
Roubache Joseph (France)
Terracini Oreste Bisazza, Dr. (Italy)
Executive Committee:
Kohn Irit (Israel)
Deputy President:
Klugman Haim (Israel)
Vice President and Treasurer:
Doron Avraham (Avi) D. (Israel)
Vice President and Coordinator with
International Organizations:
Rosenne Meir, Dr. (Israel)
Vice President and Secretary General:
Bamberger Mirella M. (Israel)
Vice Presidents:
Grabivker Marcos Arnoldo, Judge (Argentina)
Lewin Alyza D. (USA)
Ruben Maurizio (Italy)
Academic Adviser:
Zilbershats Yaffa, Prof. (Israel)
Resident Representative to the Council of
Europe in Strasbourg:
Kaufman Gilles (France)
Ron Soffer (Franc)
Representatives to the U.N. in Geneva:  
Gal Tom (Switzerland)
Mairone Gavriel (Israel)
Myers Calev (Israel)
Representatives to the U.N. in New
Tapoohi Regina
Popovich Elad
Myers Calev (Israel)
Board of Governors:
Bamberger Mirella M. (Israel)
Bekenstein Edna, Judge (Ret.) (Israel)
Bronfman Jimena (Chile)
Canals De-Cediel Maria, Dr. (Switzerland)
Chalamish Efraim (Efi), Dr. (USA)
Diedrich Peter, Dr. (Germany)
Doron Avraham (Avi) D. (Israel)
Gal-Or Noemi, Dr. (Canada)
Gidron Tamar, Prof. (Israel)
Goldnadel William G. (France)
Grabivker Marcos Arnoldo, Judge (Argentina)
Greenwald Stephen R., Prof. (USA)
Hertman Alex (Israel)
Kanir Pesach (Israel)
Kaplan-Hagler Edna, Judge (Ret.) Dr. (Israel)
Klugman Haim (Israel)
Kohn Irit (Israel)
Lewin Alyza D. (USA)
Linzen Meir (Israel)
Lux Jonathan (UK)
Margolis Jeremy D. (USA)
Meir Lipa, Dr. (Israel)
Navoth Michal (Israel)
Ossmann Olaf S. (Switzerland)
Pardes David (Belgium)
Pescara Ruben (Italy)
Pomerance Michla, Prof. (Israel)
Rosenne Meir, Dr. (Israel)
Rottenberg-Liatowitsch Vera, Justice (Switzerland)
Ruben Maurizio (Italy)  
Sapir Avishai (Israel)
Shapira Amos, Prof. (Israel)
Shefi Dov, Brig. (Ret.) (Israel)
Simha Ethia (Israel)
Tabory Mala, Dr. (Israel)
Traison Michael H. (USA)
Wolfe-Martin Suzanne (Switzerland)
Zilbershats Yaffa, Prof. (Israel)
Executive Director:
Gidron–Zemach Ronit (Israel)
  • All members of the Executive Committee are members of the Board of Governors





November 19, 2014 - the IAJLJ's 15th congress

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On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day - the IAJLJ sends an urgent ltr to the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the State of Israel, re: FRA's annual survey on rights and racism

(see: policy statements)

Check out Irit's interview re: The Belgium Suit against the late PM- Ariel Sharon (now available in three languages)

Irit, the IAJLJ and the work on Price Tag is on Reuters!!

The IAJLJ is pleased to announce its cooperation with the Israeli Bar Association at its upcoming annual conference in Eilat